Greg Smith, Camera/Steadicam Operator

Greg Smith

Greg Smith has lived in Los Angeles all his life and began his career at 23 years of age as a trainee in Local 600. Before beginning his career as an operator, he worked as an assistant. Greg has always wanted to be an operator that was involved in the whole process.  As a result, he has mastered the operations of handheld, conventional, Steadicam, remote head and Ultimate Arm. These are all tools that he uses well to help the director and DPs make their films and tell their stories depending on the mood and style required.

Greg Smith has been a Camera/Steadicam operator for 21 years and has over 83 movie and television credits. Greg was nominated for “Operator of The Year 2016” by the SOC. He has taught many of the Steadicam operators working today. Most of all, now he has decided to put his knowledge, experience, talents and expertise into teaching full time what he has learned throughout his career.

IMDb: Gregory W. Smith

Greg Smith has worked with some very well respected DPs and Directors such as Don Peterman and Ron Howard, John Seale and Wolfgang Peterman, John Toll with Ang Lee, and Jonathan Sela and Brendan Galvin with John Moore.  Also relevant, Greg has worked with these DPs: Shelly Johnson, Steven Poster and David Tattersall. Watch his work reel below to see Greg Smith’s work.

Greg Smith’s Credits