What Greg Can Professionally Teach You

Greg Smith is teaching Steadicam lessons to operators of all levels.

Greg became a well known camera operator through his 30 years in the entertainment business and 21 years of his own on-hands camera operating experience.  Throughout that time, he realized the industry lacked proper Steadicam and operator training, in order to get up and working quickly in the industry.  Therefore, Greg has decided to use his years of camera operating experience to offer one-on-one Steadicam lessons for operators of all levels, giving the ability to customize your own lesson plan.  The lessons are broken out into three main levels, depending on your needs.  Throughout each lesson you will learn how to become a complete camera operator, along with learning the ins and outs of working in the entertainment industry.

Beginner Steadicam Lessons

In the beginning level, you will learn the basics of the Steadicam.  From there, Greg will teach you the techniques to building a Steadicam, balancing a Steadicam and the proper fitting of your own Steadicam to your body.  You will have one-on-one instruction in learning techniques such as footwork, rig placement, and body position.  In addition, the execution of simple shots will be taught, as well as, exercises you can do with the rig on your own to improve your abilities.

Intermediate Steadicam Lessons

The intermediate lesson is designed to teach fundamental Steadicam shots that are used in television and motion pictures every day, camera placement, understanding how to break down a scene, and understanding the art of proper camera framing.  Steadicam modes, such as “low mode”, “Don Juan”, etc, will be used.  Greg will also give you his inside knowledge of how to work with directors and DPs.

Advanced Steadicam Lessons

The advanced lesson will take you into complex Steadicam shots and technical advice of your own specific shots.  Greg will use his experience to teach the technical tricks to performing crane step off/on, using gyros, working with vehicle mounts, running with the rig, and working in 3D.  The lesson is not just about learning to be a Steadicam operator, but about advancing your ability to be a well rounded camera operator.  You’ll have the understanding of how to work in camera modes, with remote heads, dolly shots, and hand held. At this level, there is the continued understanding of designing a scene, including all the coverage angles needed to complete the scene, and the advanced knowledge of working with directors and DPs.

Equipment Use

For the Steadicam lessons, you have the option to use your own rig or the included use of a state of the art GPI Pro Stabilizer System and Transvideo Monitor. Greg Smith also has the following additional equipment to be instructed on: Mo-Sys L40, Arriflex Arrihead MK1 Geared Head, and Easyrig.

GPI Pro Stabilizer System

The GPI Pro Stabilizer System is a camera stabilizer system that was created in 1992. The express purpose of the new system was to improve the reliability of the equipment by making use of sound engineering principals and state of the art electronic technology.

The biggest advantage of the PRO System is the ruggedness and the fact that it requires little maintenance. The system has proven itself in the most extreme conditions on thousands of feature films from the Sonoran desert to the Pacific Ocean to the sub-zero climate of the Arctic Circle.


Transvideo Monitor

For over 30 years Transvideo designs and manufactures professional monitors. It is the only flat panel monitor manufacturer to have won an Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Through constant Research & Development combined with years of operators’ feed-back, Transvideo has an unmatched expertise in professional monitors.
Transvideo monitors are the preferred choice of body-rig Operators.

Transvideo International in California specializes in reselling, servicing & repairing Transvideo monitors.
It has been named Best Professional Video Equipment 10 years in a row, and is in the Business Hall of Fame since 2017.


Transvideo Monitor